About Gary

Gary “Yeah Baby” Oakley was born with Cerebral Palsy.  He has faced significant life challenges every step of the way.   His parents could have set the stage for their son to become overly dependent on them and others,  but they didn’t.  He could have taken the easy road and given up, but he didn’t.

Instead, Gary has accepted every challenge head-on, becoming stronger and more independent than one might ever imagine.  He is a graduate of Illinois State University and went on to a full and productive career.  He is now a marathoner having completed five marathons, including the 2010 New York City Marathon.   He inspires all that cross his path through his dedication and raw determination to finish what he starts.  Gary is also a motivational speaker and educator. He has been a featured speaker for community based organizations, local service clubs, not-for-profit groups, public and private corporations. His greatest joy comes in “Paying It Forward”/sharing, working with and encouraging others facing challenges from that thing called “Life”.  Gary currently resides in Hemet, California with his beautiful wife Cheryl.


5 Comments on “About Gary”

  1. Sharon says:

    Aloha Gary!

    It was a pleasure talking with you this morning! What an inspiration to many, you are. Keep up the great work that you and Cheryl are doing, and keep smiling with your beautiful spirit. Yeah, Baby! 😀 Sharon from Akatsuka Orchid Gardens, Volcano Hawaii

    • Aloha Sharon,

      Have just returned from our trip to San Diego, Hawaii and the South Pacific. I really enjoyed talking to you and learning about the beautiful orchids in your care. I hope Cheryl and I can return to the Big Island sometime soon. It was the highlight of our cruise and days at sea. 🙂

      I had a couple of opportunities to Share “From Three Pounds To Threepeat; My Journey To The New York City Marathon” while we were away. Who knows. Maybe there will be other chances to share ahead.

      Will be contacting you next week to order a chocolate orchid or two.

      Hope you will stay in touch. Yeah, baby!!

      • Sharon says:

        Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii!!! I just read your other post and it sounds like you and Cheryl had an AWESOME trip! Yeah, Baby! 🙂 Keeping the spirit of love and aloha alive and hoping to see you both when you return to the islands.

        It was a pleasure meeting you, and an inspiration as well.

        Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,

        Sharon @ Akatsuka Orchid Gardens

      • Aloha Sharon,

        Cheryl and I did have an AWESOME trip!! 🙂 Happy New Year. We hope to see you again soon. Yeah, baby!!

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