A Black And Blue Weekend Stroll

Well with two weeks to go, I decided I might benefit from one more weekend stroll in the two to three-hour range. Took it on Friday morning. As the previous weekend, took this stroll to 3:05.

Wish I could tell you I felt as good about this one as previous efforts. Unfortunately not the case. The good news is what needed to get done was accomplished. But through it all, was never able to establish a good rhythm. Legs, hamstrings, quads and low back never really relaxed as much as needed to be out that long. Form and mechanics got very sloppy in latter stages. Right ankle decided it was not interested in cooperating during one of my final turnarounds. Dealing with some bruises, a swollen upper lip, road rash and a black eye after this mishap. Haven’t lived as a distance/endurance athlete until you’ve earned some road rash. Right? A driver from CR&R (Waste management company.) saw me fall, stopped to help me up and make sure I was okay. Stayed with it another 45 minutes or so after trying to see if there was any possibility of getting into a rhythm. But it was not to be. Decided I would be better served by saving additional energy and effort over and above 3 hours for January, 10.

You have no idea how much I wish I could say today was all good. But if I did not share the good and the bad, I would be less than truthful, huh? We have all had difficult days no matter what we were trying to accomplish. Sometimes it just ain’t easy. Or, as I have said many times, accomplishing the difficult IS DIFFICULT!! But don’t think I’m any different from anyone else in wanting the best from myself each and every day. And while the day may not have gone as well as I would have liked, I can tell you this…I did the best I could!!

How was the remainder of the weekend spent? Tapering, of course. Friday highlights were a combination of eating, resting and waiting for washing machine repair man. (So glad the washing machine repair was a simple one. Don’t need anything to agitate me right now. Sorry. Couldn’t resist putting a spin on this.) Other than eating and stretching, followed Dr. Marrs recommendation, giving myself a Saturday/Sunday off the legs. Not easy for one who loves to go outside and play in the traffic at whatever pace his legs will allow. He and Kim gave it their best shot at making it easier for me by joining Cheryl and me for Saturday morning breakfast and lending a hand with moving a piano and other large pieces of furniture into the house. We are so thankful to have them in our lives. Not only do they monitor/take care of many of my physical needs, they are great friends always willing to extend a helping hand.

As for today, it was back outside for just under an hour. Took a few minutes to get all the parts moving but was pleased overall. Post-workout message and adjustment that followed was time well spent. Another reminder regular treatment is not just a luxury if my body is to function at its best. It is a lifestyle necessity.

Not sure why I struggled so much over the weekend. But unless anyone has a better idea, will continue weight, core/balance work, back down on time spent on the legs but keep them moving, spend as much time as needed with Dr. Marrs, Nicole and staff for adjustment and message. We’ve already decided extra work would be a good thing this week.

With less than two weeks until race day, it may be the best thing I can do is give myself the gifts of eating good food, rest, healing and an excursion to Thursday’s Rose Parade. We’ll have third row seats near the start of the parade. Cheryl’s sister, Jennise, and the Marrs will be there too. That’s got fun written all over it!! HERE’S TO TAPER MODE!! I’m just sayin’. Yeah baby!!


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