Three weeks To Go!!

Some portions of this will be old news for some as I sent a training update to my race day support team and a few others after completing my training exercise Saturday (December, 19) afternoon.

A training update and a litte more…

Had the privilege of spending the day with Dr. Marrs and staff at Lifestyle Chiropractic and Wellness promoting Gary’s Project. What an honor it is to promote doing the best you can/being the best you can be in whatever manner you can do it…walk, run or crawl. What an honor to spend the day meeting new people and making new friends in such a positive, caring atmosphere. We’re still meeting at Gibbel Park on Wednesday mornings at 6:30 a.m. Doesn’t cost a thing to join us other than your time and whatever effort your body will allow you to give whatever you health or level of fitness. So if you’ve been thinking about coming to join us, COME ON AND DO IT!! You’ll meet some great people. And who knows. You might even get a little healthier in the process. It’s NEVER too late to become a healthier you!! You just have to start by taking the first steps.

As for the upcoming Citrus Heritage half-marathon, with three weeks to go until race day, I shortened up the weekend “long” stroll a bit this morning…3:05. But there is a kicker to include…entire stroll was completed in the Ramona Bowl and surrounding neighborhoods. For those who live in or around Hemet, you know the bowl is built into the side of a hill. So there is not much of anything “flat” around. And what little flat there is comes in short segments. Again pleased to report things went well.No major problems, falls or other bobbles. Feeling like I could have continued on.

Want to extend a big thank you to Riverside Road Runners for sharing a photo for the completion bling on Facebook with the tag, “Gary Oakley…This one is for you!!” Thanks for your support of what this athlete is doing. Would do and will continue to do what I do with or without the bling. But your interest only fuels the fire and motivation.

For Dr. Weatherwax, Warren and anyone else who is interested…The turnaround/recovery from last weekend’s long workout took longer than I expected. Left hamstring and upper back were tighter and more restricted than I expected through mid-week. May well have been the result of lots of activity that included extended periods of sitting over the last couple of weeks. As we know, sitting is not my friend. Shortened duration of workouts for remainder of the week. Made a conscious effort to, as you both would tell me, to “honor” what my body is telling me. Built in an additional rest day and made certain Dr. Marrs and staff had all the time they needed for adjustment and message. The extra rest day was Friday. That is if you consider going out and doing several hours of yard work a rest day!! The good news is I was feeling better by the time I went out this morning. But can honestly say the body feedback from last week’s workouts and living life were major contributing factors in the decision to back down a bit on this morning’s workout.

Not sure what the plan will be for next weekend. I’m open to suggestions. But my inclination is to keep moving but begin backing down a bit as this time next week will leave us just two weeks out. Will be sure to get a stroll or two on the legs. But will also mix it up a bit with a bike ride or two, some time in the water; joggers’ belt or swim along with strength/balance work in the gym. It’s also time to rest and eat lots of good food. And, of course be sure Dr. Marrs and staff can get their hands on me. Anyone have any other thoughts? I’d love to hear from you. Even taking time to say, “Hello” is a good training motivator and inspiration.

To sum it all up, three weeks out, I’m feeling good about my preparation. Could I benefit if I had another week or two to train? Who knows. I do know whatever happens on the course three weeks from today will not be for lack of effort, preparation or support. I am happy, content and totally at peace and looking forward to the challenge when it comes to that. So unless anyone has other thoughts, I’ll keep the body moving forward, get mentally prepared for what’s ahead and focus on finishing what we started smiling all along the way. I’m just sayin. Yeah baby!!


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