Training And Race Day Updates

I’ve had an opportunity to update a few people in the last few days via Facebook, text message, email or casual conversation.  For those of you with whom I’ve not had a chance to share by any means mentioned above or if you just can’t hear what’s happening enough, this post is definitely for you.


Had planned to make yesterday’s training stroll a “short” one…in the 2-3 hour range.  Well, so much for a short stroll.  Crossed the 4+ hour threshold, (4:03 for those requesting specifics.) on the legs for the first time since 2012.  Was preparing for the NYC Marathon back then.  As with last weekend’s effort I was very pleased.  Held everything together very well for the first 3+ hours.  The last 15-20 minutes were a challenge as my body and mechanics got “sloppy”.  As much as I would have liked to have stayed with it a few minutes longer, I made the decision to be thankful/for celebrate what had been accomplished and extend time on the legs another day.


A little more than 24 hours since this training exercise, the news is all good.  Was a bit tight in the low back and the legs were tired until late yesterday.  Cheryl and I still managed to work in a late afternoon lunch at Polly’s.  Love their Saturday chicken with wild rice soup-of-the-day.  So 4+ hours resulted in nothing unexpected or unusual.  If anything it led to an even louder post-workout cry of, “What’s for lunch?” on my part.


Even though the plan was to give the body a break and work toward 4 hours next weekend, I’m glad yesterday worked out as it did.  This will allow me to duplicate this act at least, “One more time.” as the Gong Show’s Chuck Barris would have said, should I choose between now and race day.  Yes, I probably will.  And yes.  I LOVED the Gong Show.  I wanted to be Chuck Barris’ replacement when he retired.  I would have been, “Oh!!  Oh!! So good!!”  So much for TMI!!


As for race day, the Riverside Road Runners have graciously agreed to an early start for me and my support team.  Course officials and volunteers will be at the race venue as early as 5 a. m. preparing for the day.  My crew and I can start as early as event staff begin their day.  Haven’t made the final decision about a start time.  But the consensus from the supporting cast seems to be 5:30.  That’s what I’m leaning toward.  That will give event workers time to shake off the early morning cobwebs and down a cup of coffee or two as the complete last-minute preparations.


That’s all I know for now.  Race day is less than four weeks away.  Wow!!  Any comments, thoughts, suggestions are welcome as preparation enters its final stages.  Thanks to all of you who stop by for a read for your continued interest.  You keep me motivated, inspired and accountable as you share this journey with me to its completion.  Can’t ask for more than that.  You’re the BEST!!  I’m just sayin’.  Yeah baby!!




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