What Can I Say…It’s Been A While

After  being out of commission with computer challenges/repairs, taking a surprise, unexpected trip to Maui and having painters turn our house into a construction zone, for several days, I can get back at those of you who follow my scribblings.  I know.  It’s been a while.  For those who were following previous postings, hope you are still interested/curious enough to come back.

It is now less than 5 weeks until the Citrus Heritage half-marathon.  I am pleased to report training is going well.  Have completed two long “strolls” in preparation for the big day January, 10.  For me, a stroll means moving smart not hard.  The goals are to stay upright, stay strong, keep body mechanics in tact as long as possible…Don’t allow the right side of the body to become so overworked and fatigued that I don’t pick up the foot, drag the leg, “scrape” the right big toe.  It’s what I call getting sloppy.  The only way to minimize the possibility of this occurring over the 4+ hours I will need to complete the race, is to prepare employing an LSD pace…(L)ong (S)low (D)istance.  LSD means work smart. Start slowly.  Don’t force the pace, especially in the early stages of the race.  Let the race come to me and pick it up in the latter stages if the body says okay.  That’s the best way to keep it all together over 13.1 miles.

With LSD clearly in mind over the last two weekends, the two longest training exercises to date were completed; 2 hours 45 minutes November, 30.  Three hours 33 minutes December, 6.  Yesterday’s 2:33 effort was at Hemet’s Ramona Bowl.  The significance of this venue is it’s built into a hill.  So ain’t nothin’ flat about it or the neighborhood around it.  The workout was intended to incorporate several training objectives at the same time…Spend an extended period of time on my feet, challenge balance on what, for me, is difficult terrain, build strength and log in some much-needed miles.

Post-training effort you can call me very pleased all things considered.  Yes, I’m sore.  Left hamstring and low back are letting me know I did something yesterday.  Does that mean I’m complaining?  No way!!  Why would I?  Me, you, anybody should expect to feel something after being on you feet for that long!!  What needed to be accomplished was done.  Think I could have done a short workout today.  But chose to stretch and rest instead.  Will be back at it on Monday.  Likely on the bike or in the gym.  Need to change-up the routine/continue building strength.  A visit with Dr. Marrs and staff for message and adjustment is also on the schedule.  That will help A LOT!!

Okay.  So you want to know if training continued while in Maui.  The answer is yes.  And we had a great time while touring, relaxing and attending the Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament.  There are ways to keep training even while having fun. Try a 90 minute barefoot stroll on the beach to build strength, challenge your balance, maintain your conditioning, for example.  Or take a hike near a once volcanic crater.  Working out/training is so much fun in paradise!!  Can we do this one AGAIN, please?

Must tell you about an amazing lady Cheryl and I met in Maui.  Her name is Linda.  She works for Diamond Resorts International.  When introduced to her, she asked me if I had C P.  When I answered with an affirmative “Yeah baby”, she told me about her young son, Dylan, who also has C P.  We share similar histories.  He currently receives services from Shriners’ Hospital.  I am an alum of Shriners and their services.  Linda shared stories with me about how Dylan has learned to live his life.  Simply put, when you fall down, you get back up.  You have taught him well, Linda.  You are leaving no stone unturned to make sure Dylan has opportunity of living life to the fullest.  Sounds like the two heroes who had the most profound influence on my life…Mamma Esther and Pa’pa Spud.  Unfortunately Cheryl and I did not have an opportunity to meet Dylan before returning home.  But we have made a promise to stay in touch.  (And we are.)  Hopefully we will meet him one day.  In the meantime, the stories Linda shared about her amazing young man will only fuel my fire and remind me how important it is for me (All of us.) to be the best I/we can be each and every day.  Ah, the passion and exuberance of youth.!!     Thank you, Linda, for coming into our lives.  Thank you for sharing Dylan.  Maybe I will one day have the honor of doing a race with him, if he’s interested.  Thank you for sharing the pictures you showed to Cheryl and me.  I now think of him EVERY day!!  Dylan and Linda…The Citrus Heritage Half-Marathon…THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!!  And Dylan…When I grow up, I want to be just like YOU!!  I’m just sayin’.  Yeah baby!!


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