Back At You

Good afternoon from Hemet. I know. It’s been a long time. Cheryl and I were away much longer than expected. Almost five weeks. The good news is during the extended time away, we were able to sell the last Florida property. We are elated to know we now have only one property to be concerned about…the one we reside in here in Hemet. It wasn’t easy. Moving never is. And the difficult was made even more challenging for Cheryl when she unexpectedly had to send her beloved, longtime companion/Hurricane Katrina rescue dog, Spud, to doggie heaven.  Thanks to all who assisted in getting us packed, organized and out of the house in a very short time, under very difficult circumstances, in just over three weeks.  Thanks also to our partners-in-crime here in California who picked up the mail and made sure the house stayed in one piece while we were away.

In the middle of all the challenges and stress moving can bring, I managed to make the annual trip to Plains, GA for the Plains Peanut Festival and 5K.  As always, had a great time.  Jan Williams and so many other residents make time there feel like you have come home.  The former president and Mrs. Carter graciously signed a picture for me.  Thanks to my friend, Christine, for making that happen.

Much more that could be shared. But going to keep this post short. Computer is not acting right. Will need to get someone here much smarter than I to have a look at it before putting too much out there. And it’s a birthday weekend for someone around here.  It’s today in fact. Won’t mention any names. But let’s just say he’s thankful to be happy, healthy, blessed to still have his legs underneath him and be surrounded/supported by the best family and friends the world will ever know.  It’s going to be a party weekend.  Looking forward to Hemet’s annual Autumn Elegance fundraiser tonight and brunch with a cast of who knows how many tomorrow.

As happy as we are to have sold a house while in Florida, we are sorry we did not have opportunity to spend time with those we miss, love and care about while there.  We’ll do better next time as future Florida time will be ALL FUN!!

Feels good to be home, gradually getting readjusted to the Pacific time zone and getting life back to “Normal”, whatever that is.  More soon.  Promise.   I’m just sayin’.  Yeah, baby!!


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