Thank You Christian Business Partners

I mentioned in the last posting I would be speaking at the August, 21 meeting of Christian Business Partners in Hemet. Thank you for the opportunity to share. It was an awesome morning. One of the ladies attending said I have a powerful voice/message and could see me as the head of a major corporation. Wow!! That’s quite a compliment. Thank you. Don’t know about being the head of a major corporation at this stage in life. But I always consider it an honor when invited to speak and am thankful the message was meaningful.

I also mentioned in the last posting I have been doing without coffee to see if there would be any change in blood pressure that had been borderline high for the last several week. Have thus far gone without morning coffee for two and one-half weeks. And thus far, so far so good. Readings have been within normal ranges. Get-out-of-bed pain levels continue to be down as well. Don’t know if abstaining from coffee has a direct correlation. Might seem like a little thing. Not easy for me though. LOVE morning coffee. But going to stay the course for at least another week or so.

My long-time partner-in-crime, Mark, has issued the Ice-Bucket Challenge. Haven’t done it yet. But I promise it’s on!! Some folks have said they would like to do it with me. So we’re going to find a time when we can do it together. If there is anyone out there who would like to join in, send me an email, leave a posting or private message on Facebook or you can leave a note in the comment section of the blog page. Will get the details out as soon as I know. Like I said, IT’S ON!!

And to Cheryl, who remains in Florida working on the final details leading to getting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard of the Brooksville property, I know there have been several unexpected bumps in the road. Really proud of the way you are working through it all. I know it’s going to be all good when you are finished. Can’t wait for you to come home. There will be many happy people when you come back west, especially ME!! I’m just sayin. Yeah baby!!


Short And Sweet…Maybe

This post will be short and sweet compared to most of the others. I know. You’ll believe it when you see it, right?

Training has been going well. Enjoyed another hike in Idyllwild with Sky, Nicole, Dr. Marrs, Kim and others last weekend. Great training experience. Great fellowship with friends. Can’t wait to do it again.

Will be speaking to the Hemet/San Jacinto chapter of Christian Business Partners Thursday August, 21. Rise and shine early if you plan to attend. The fun starts at 8 am at the C&L Coffee and Deli 4210 E. Florida, Hemet. As always, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share “Life Is Not A Sprint-It’s A Marathon”. Will do my best to share news of where I’ll be speaking and running on future postings. That way, if anyone wants to join in…

Have been conducting an experiment the last ten days or so. Long story short, Dr. Marrs and staff have been checking blood pressure from time-to-time the last several weeks. It had been registering borderline high. Who knows why. So decided to see what would happen if I went without the usual cups of morning coffee. Have gone without since August, 8. At last check on August, 14, BP had returned to what is considered to be normal range. And… early morning, get-out-of-bed pain levels are down since taking this step. As much as I love/miss the morning Joe, we’re going to continue this tact for a while and see what happens to both blood pressure and pain levels. Wondering if I’ll have to learn to live without coffee. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

Speaking of stay tuned, another potential project is in the works. Not ready to share the details yet. Like I said, stay tuned.

On last thing…Cheryl is currently back in Florida working hard to complete final details leading to putting house in Brooksville on the market. She’s sorting, packing and juggling a lot of details. I know there are times she’s feeling overwhelmed. If you live in or around the area, she could use encouragement and help. Hope those of you who know her will not hesitate to check on her.

Well, so much for a short posting. Maybe next time. Stay tuned to see if I can really do it. I’m just sayin. Yeah, baby!!

Choose To LIVE!!

Some thoughts that are in my head/on my heart today…Those of you who know me one way or another…family, friends, meeting at a race, hearing me speak, following this blog, are aware I don’t just jump out of bed and “hit the ground running”. Like many people, I have to give myself time to get the body parts moving…let the WD 40 kick in. Depending on what I have been doing during the week or even the day before, this can take more time on some days than others. Stiff, sore muscles and restricted soft tissue generally are not happy being told you want them all to cooperate with one another to move first thing in the morning. And as I have shared previously, sometimes there are days this body isn’t pleased with moving at all no matter when you ask it to go.

We all know my body doesn’t have the exclusive corner on the market when it comes to what I described above, right? We all have experienced pain in some way, along with the physical, emotional, psychological and financial challenges that come with it. Many of us have come to a place where we can’t recall the last time we lived without some level of pain during the day.

At this point in life, seems as though I’m guaranteed this body will get out of bed more than a little unhappy I want it to move. What to do? What to do? For me, the answer comes with knowledge of three things:

1) I want to live/experience each day to the fullest…Simply put, be the best I can be. That means YOU GOTTA MOVE!!

2) There is a second choice…Just sit down.

3) Whether I choose to move or not, MY BODY WILL EXPERIENCE PAIN!!

Conclusion/reminder to all; especially to ME…If we choose to sit, THERE WILL BE PAIN!!. If we choose to move and live life, THERE WILL BE PAIN! The pain experienced across the years, by many of us, will likely never be eliminated. But it can be managed if we NEVER GIVE UP!! Continually look for answers/strategies/help. Seek out supporting cast members that will hold us accountable to being the best we can be!! So whether we walk, run or crawl, let’s keep moving and CHOOSE TO LIVE!! I’m just sayin. Yeah baby!!