Thank You, Dr. Marrs…AKA…Head Kahuna

Following more than a week of challenging workouts that included strolling/hiking in Idyllwild upping the weight in the gym and a couple of “two-a-day” workouts, the body told me it’s time for at least a week on the “Easy button”. That means backing the intensity down a bit, giving the body time to catch up, rest and recover. That means no workout longer than an hour, backing the weight down in the gym.

The Head Kahuna, AKA…Dr. Marrs and staff spent a lot of time and did extra work yesterday to alleviate soreness/facilitate recovery. When doing the weekly barefoot stroll this morning, it was clear the extra time and attention were very helpful. And in spite of being more than a little sore when I saw the Head Kahuna yesterday, he continued to encourage and support, as he always does. Truth be known, the body likely wasn’t ready for me to up the workout intensity as much as I have the last couple of weeks. Probably let the horse run too fast. But being the guy he is, Dr. Marrs said, “At least we know where you are right now. And the good news is you are adjusting what you’re doing based on what your body is telling you. I know you’re hurting. But you and I are learning together. We will get through this. We have to. Otherwise we can’t run together.”

Thank you, Head Kahuna and staff of Lifestyle Chiropractic and Wellness for all you are doing to be sure I keep the life bar high. After all, this is more than about running and a half-marathon. It’s about enabling the body to function at the highest possible level. That’s the only way a guy can be the best he can be for all he aspires to do, each and EVERY day!! I’m just sayin. Yeah, baby!!



Some of you likely will have seen some of what I am about to post already on Facebook. I shared pictures of a Saturday stroll in Idyllwild. Had a great time working/strolling a couple of trails with Cheryl and our partners-in-crime Sky and Nicole. Had not worked a trail in at least two years. I was thankful and elated to learn I could still work my way over, under around and through nature’s offerings with a walking stick and a little help from my friends. Love being outside and taking things on like this. Can’t wait to do it again.

Some of you may be wondering about post-workout recovery. I’m very pleased. Was a bit tired and sore yesterday (Monday). Guess I should be. The stroll was completed following a 1 hour+ gym session the same day. I also did a two-a-day late last week that included a morning weight session followed by an hour or so of hoop in the afternoon. So gave myself a day off yesterday after a massage and chiropractic adjustment. Nicole is a massage therapist for Dr. Jeff Marrs…AKA the Head Kahuna. The team at Lifestyle took on this “project” soon after Cheryl and I arrived in Hemet. Like Fearless Leader, everyone at Lifestyle Chiropractic and Wellness has been very supportive of efforts to keep fit/maintain function/keep the bar high when it comes to having the quality of life I desire. The Head Kahuna and his wife, Kim, were even along side when I participated in the Color Run several weeks back.

And just like Fearless Leader, the Head Kahuna is monitoring what I do very closely. You may recall I mentioned in an earlier posting the need to not let the horse go out of the gate too quickly when it comes to preparing for the half-marathon. Intellectually, as aware of this as I am, in my head, I want to take on the race right now. Anyone who knows me well is very aware I have lived my life as a “charger”. Sometimes that has served me well. Don’t think I would have done as much in life as I have were this not a part of my personality. But without a plan, it can make one his own worst enemy. I mentioned this to Dr. Marrs a few days ago. He has informed me, “I will tie your legs together before you do that.” Nicole has said much the same. The race is almost six months away. There is plenty of time to prepare. Thanks for all you are doing to keep the world’s oldest teenager under control.

One other quick note…Have put up the basketball a couple of more times. The hoop is looking bigger and not quite as high. Shots left my hand more like when Mark and I played for hours-on-end as kids. Still only able to get up about a fourteen-footer.

Lots of work still to do. But that’s okay. I’m enjoying it all so far. Bring it on.

Oh!! The Word Press program/site is telling me there is a problem between the program and the proofread link. Hopefully I caught all the typos. But it ain’t easy to edit one’s own stuff. Hope you enjoy anyway. I’m just sayin. Yeah, baby!!

Sunday In Riverside

Had my first look/stroll on some of the course that will be part of the Citrus Heritage Half-Marathon bright and early yesterday morning. My friend, Ken, and I left Hemet at 5:45 a m to connect with others joining in for the 6:30 Sunday run, walk, stroll organized by the Riverside Road Runners.

I know I can speak for me but I think Ken would also concur if I said we had a great morning. This was one of the best organized running, walking, fitness activities in which I ever participated. Participants were paired with “coaches” according to anticipated per-mile pace. Levels ranged from what I would call the “elite” to those who were there to keep moving/stay fit. No one was left out. I certainly felt welcome and comfortable for a first-timer. There was lots of information about upcoming events, nutrition, etc, available for anyone who cared to pick it up. Those participating for the first time were asked to tell others about themselves, how they heard about Riverside Road Runners and their running/walking/fitness goals. A club member conducted a warm up/stretching session for anyone who needed it prior to heading out on the course. There were plenty of exercise mats for pre and post-stretching too.

I really enjoyed the course, at least what I saw of it in about 70 minutes of strolling. It is scenic, well-marked with water stops and a porta-potty along the way. The diversity/roll/up-and-down should make it ideal for whatever a person may be training for. The up-and-down would be ideal bridge training for someone going to the NYC Marathon and its five bridges, for example.

Don’t know if I will go back this coming Sunday. But I will be back in Riverside very soon. Want to see more of the course and what January has in store. And its diversity can only help core, strength and balance for the half-marathon, other races or just plain life function/daily activities.

All-in-all, the first effort in Riverside was a good one. My legs felt a little “heavier” than I would have liked. But the rest of the body was good considering it had gotten to be a warm morning by the time the stroll was over.

Was very pleased I was able to get in the gym for weight/core and balance work this morning. There’s no question the body is getting stronger. Pain level is reduced. Daily function is improving. The big challenge for this “charger” will be to build overall level of strength/function/fitness slowly. Don’t want to run the horse out of the gate too quickly. I can hear Dr. Weatherwax…AKA…Fearless Leader’s voice all the way from Florida. He’s telling me, “Roll into this.” “Let the race come to you.” “Honor what your body is telling you.” Just so you know, I hear you, Fearless Leader. Race day is still almost six months away. There’s plenty of time to prepare. I hope those of you who read/follow the journey will join Fearless Leader and not let me forget this. A good reminder every now and again will never hurt. I’m just sayin. Yeah, baby!!

Basketball And…

Besides the evening of fireworks associated with the 4th of July holiday displayed at many locations in our area, my body was reintroduced to fireworks of its own for the first time in many years earlier in that same day…basketball. Told you it was coming. Knew it might not be easy. But I had no idea. It had likely been a couple of years or more since last putting a ball in the air. I talked with/shared the experience with my long-time partner-in-crime, Mark, not long after coming in from the 45 minute effort. Told him it was more difficult than ever to get the ball up overhead, hoop looked much higher than ten feet, rim looked smaller and 15 foot shots seemed more like 50 feet. He told me I was right!! The longest shot I could muster was about 14 feet. That’s a far cry from the three-pointers in the days of old. And it took about twenty minutes of getting the parts moving to coax a 14 footer in the hole. My body further sent a message 45 minutes was more than enough for the first time in who knows when. Not sure when I will hit the court again but it will be in the next few days. Still love doing it. And the game is a great test of core strength.

Entry for the Citrus Heritage half-marathon has been submitted. Want to share a note I received from one of the folks involved in organizing/managing the race. Thank you, Moe, and Riverside Road Runners for your encouragement and support. Like so many other members of the supporting cast, you add fuel to the fire when it comes to doing all one can to being the best one can be. Perhaps within what follows, you may find something that sparks inspiration in you. Hope so. The message is yet another reminder to me that for those who are out there giving life your best shot, no matter the degree of difficulty, there are people who want to help.

“Hello Gary,
It was a pleasure speaking with you today. We will do all we can to accommodate you abilities. I’m especially excited that you are a cheer leader for not letting anything stop you from moving forward and keeping active. Once we are closer to the race and know the weather better you have the option of starting early with your support team or taking the extra time you need – we will keep in contact.

Please join us on Sunday when you can I understand Hemet can be a drive.”

Will be looking forward to joining in on a Sunday run sometime soon and all that is to be a part of the journey ahead. I’m just sayin. Yeah, baby!!

No Basketball Yet But…

I ended the last posting saying I would be shooting hoop/playing some form of basketball sometime this week. Hasn’t happened yet. Started the week with a Monday stroll around the Ramona Bowl. Tuesday was an aggressive strength/core/balance workout in the gym. Today’s workout was a one hour bike ride. Cheryl tagged along for the first half/hour. That was a good thing. She is able to move along at a faster pace. That creates a good challenge for me to keep up.

I’m pleased to say the goal of holding a wall squat for 5 minutes or more has finally been accomplished for the first time. It happened during Tuesday’s gym workout. Yeah, baby!! Notice I said the goal has been accomplished FOR THE FIRST TIME!! Once is not enough!! The goal will now be to extend the time and/or to hold the squat 5 or more minutes MULTIPLE times during a workout.

As pleased as I am with what has been accomplished this week, thus far, I want to share one more piece of news about which I am more than a little pumped up. Be you family, friend or a follower of my postings, you are no doubt aware I am very goal driven. I’m always looking for something to work on/be a part of. This is especially true when it comes to running, fitness, improving my health, making my overall body function the best it can be.

Okay. Okay. Where is this going? What’s the “But”, right? A couple of days ago a friend shared information about an upcoming half-marathon. The Citrus Heritage half-marathon will take place Saturday January, 10 2015 in Riverside. I have been in contact with event organizers, the Riverside Road Runners, and will be participating in this event. I am so excited!! After much time away from extended distance training, I’m looking forward to the challenge. A half-marathon should provide a good test but not too long a test, time wise. The goal will be to finish in 4 to 4.5 hours. As race day gets closer, and more is known about the weather, event organizers and I will determine whether it is best for my support team and I to start early or head out with the other participants at 8 a. m.

This is an ideal event for extending the self in my humble opinion. I have approximately six months to prepare. The most difficult portion of training/preparation can be done in the fall when the weather is cooler. I will have the entire summer to concentrate on getting stronger/improving core and balance. This, hopefully, will get me off the course sooner.

And in case anyone is wondering, Cheryl has given her full support/blessing to taking this on.

Information on the race/registration link is available at: Would love to have others of you out there come join in on the fun.

I am sure to be blogging throughout this entire journey. Hope those who are interested/want to follow progress will continue to check in.

Shooting hoop may now wait until next week. That’s okay. I’m very excited about the road (race) ahead. Thank you, Riverside Road Runners, for this opportunity. Can’t wait until race day!! I’m just sayin. Yeah, baby!!