We’ll See Where This Goes

It has been my experience as I have blogged/posted a thought always comes to mind that causes the blog/posting to create its own “flow”.  Can’t say that as I do this today.  Guess that’s why I’ve waited so long to do something this week.  So we’ll see what comes to mind as I pound out the keystrokes and we’ll see where this goes.  



Three things I can tell you about this week:

!) Cheryl had a birthday June, 24. The day started out great with breakfast. Unfortunately, the birthday girl found herself being treated for a bladder infection later in the day. A continuation of the party, on Wednesday, has been delayed and will be rescheduled for another day. The plan was to do dinner in Palm Springs. Fortunately, I don’t think Palm Springs is going anywhere anytime soon. I know Cheryl is still thankful for the fun we had Tuesday morning with our friends Judy, Randy and of course, Big C. The General Manager has felt some better each day. So the party will no doubt resume in Palm Springs very soon.

2) Have continued to change things up on the training side of life. Spending more time in the gym seems to be paying off. I am feeling stronger. Daily pain levels seem to be down. Balance and flexibility are getting better. Was able to do a few lunges without holding on to a wall or bar to prevent me from falling forward. Have upped the ante on a few of the exercises. For the most part that means attempting to increase the amount of weight being used for whatever the exercise may be. Have added a new challenge for myself…. holding a wall squat for five minutes OR MORE sometime during the gym session. I’m not there yet. But I have been up over four minutes a number of times. I’m sure once the five-minute mark is reached the competitive in me will want to go for at least six.

For those who don’t know, when working out in the gym, my routine involves the use of only one machine; the leg press. Otherwise, it’s me, free weights and my own body weight. The goal is to make MY BODY do the work rather than the machine doing the work for me. This forces me to slow down and focus on doing the exercise/movement as correctly as my body will allow. Not easy but it’s fun seeing what I can do. The good news is if I allow myself to try, things do get better. Maybe that’s a good lesson for all of us.

3) I’m really enjoying doing hill work again. Going to the Ramona Bowl once a week has been a nice change. Was reminded how important it is to watch traffic no matter the venue you’re running. There was some kind of event going on up there Monday morning. Cars were in and out of the parking lot with some drivers unconcerned and/or paying little attention to who was there or how fast they were going. Brought back memories of training for my first marathon and a car/driver introducing themselves to me at 55 miles per hour. Even experienced runners don’t want to relive an event like that. Be careful out there!! Keep your eyes on the world around you!!

Best of luck to everyone participating in Sunday’s Achilles International Hope And Possibility 5 miler. Going to make it a 2014 goal to join you all in Central Park again next year. And good luck to all who walk run or crawl a July 4th event wherever it may be.

For someone who wasn’t sure about having anything to say, I’ve really let it “flow”. But I’m all flowed out for now.

Bought a basketball earlier this week. The plan is to reintroduce shooting hoop to core training. Can let you know how that goes when posting next, if nothing else. Have a great 4th of July week. I’m just sayin. Yeah, baby!!


LSD Or Miles The Hard Way

Before anyone thinks I have REALLY lost it and am now ingesting horrible things in my body, LSD likely is an apt description for the way I do all my miles…(L)ONG (S)LOW (D)ISTANCE.  But this morning was a continued effort to change things up and build, challenge balance and build strength.  


For those in Hemet or other parts of the world familiar with the Ramona Bowl, today’s workout was up and down, round and round the parking lot/neighborhood for 70 minutes.  This time, in running shoes.  Those who know the Ramona Bowl and surrounding area can attest to the “fun” of the up and down.  The area creates additional challenges having been built into a hillside.  And, for me, (And I’m sure for many others) the surface creates even more excitement as one dodges sizeable potholes and cracks.  That’s not a complaint.  It’s just the reality of the venue.  And if I didn’t want the challenge, I promise there are places easier places one can go to get in some miles.  


How did things go? I’m tired.  But it’s a “good” tired.  It’s clear I need to create more challenges like this for myself.  The body is nowhere near as strong as I would like or need for it to be.  And the need to work on/improve balance will always be there.


One more observation going forward:


 Be patient with self!!  About a half-hour into the workout I attempted to pick up the pace.  Not a smart move in this venue, at least for now.  The body and mechanics got out of whack almost immediately.  The asphalt and I almost had a meeting.  If there is such a thing as a half-fall, that was the result.  (Was able to catch myself with my hands prior to hitting the pavement.)  Even though the pavement and I did not fully say “hello” to one another, it took effort/energy to return to
“The fully upright position”.  Slips, falls, expend energy.  And no matter how big or small the bobble might be, at this point in life, they all hurt!!  Would rather save that energy for the things that matter.


I’m sure to be trying this one or something like it in the not too distant future.  So if anyone wants to join in/provide adult stupidvision, would love to have the company.


Today was fun. Other than the gym, and of course more LSD, not sure what the training activities will be for this week.

Cheryl says she’ll be coming home by week’s end after spending 2+ weeks in Florida. :).  Have a great week, everyone.  Yeah, baby!! 



“Change Things Up”

In spite of a feel good run noted in the previous posting on National Running Day, time on the pavement has been sluggish for the most part over the last several weeks; legs feeling heavy, body uninterested in doing what it needs to do. You know. Everyone has experienced this; a general feeling of blah.  What to do?  What to do?


Fortunately, just when I needed it, I heard the voice of Fearless Leader, aka…Dr. Robert Weatherwax telling me, “Change things Up.”   For now, that’s going to mean less road time/add more self-induced squeals to weekly workouts.  Translation…More gym time.  More weight work.  Have two goals in mind.  


1) Build core and overall body strength.

2) Challenge/improve balance.


Other added wrinkles…


Interval training in basketball shoes.  The thought is to “wake Up” entire body, especially the feet using lighter weight shoe with less technology.  Make the focus be on slowing the legs down/concentrate on the body movement.


“Head For the Hills”.  There are lots of them around here. After all, it’s Southern California!!  Working hills is another way to build strength.  So off to the hills I went early in the week for some up and down.  To make things a little more interesting, added another challenge….put on hiking boots for the first time in a  L O N G time.  Like changing things up wearing basketball shoes, the added technology and weight of the hiking boots were a wake up call.  When it came to slowing things down/focusing on keeping legs and overall movement as mechanically correct as this body would allow, all that can be said is, as with the basketball shoes, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Can hear Momma Esther looking what all of what this does in another way. I hear her saying, “Pick up your feet, George!!” I think that was her way of saying, Make yourself/be the best you can be!! On this Father’s Day weekend, as both she and Pappa Spud look down from heaven, I can only hope they know their favorite son is truly trying to still trying to pick up his feet and be the best he can be. Hope they are smiling. Hope Cheryl and the rest of the Supporting Cast are smiling too. It ain’t always easy. Nobody promised it would be. Sometimes you have to change things up to keep moving forward, reenergize/recharge. Sure has helped me. If you are feeling blah, sluggish, in a rut, change things up. Maybe it will do for you what it’s doing for me. I’m just sayin. Yeah, baby!!  





National Running Day

Like many others who have made hitting the road an activity of choice, I celebrated the day with a stroll.  Best one I’ve had in a long time.  Guess that’s the way it should be on NATIONAL Running Day!! So whether you walked it, ran it or crawled through it, hope everyone who spent time on the road today enjoyed themselves as much as I did.  I’m just sayin.  Yeah, baby!!