Feeling Grateful….Thank You

The title says it all….Feeling grateful.  Many positive comments have come this way, one way or another, since posting a few days ago.  Thank you.  Your expressions of support are a reminder to me how important it is to keep the bar/standards Mama Esther and Papa Spud set all those years ago as high or higher than ever.  The reminders come in the form of words like, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”  They come with questions like, “When is your next event and where is it.?” “What else are you working on?”

Whether you know it or not, you are reminding me how important it is to keep going/keep doing. You’re telling me continue to keep life goals and dreams BIG!! This is the only way any of us can be the best we can be. Be the best I can be…It’s a responsibility I have to myself, to Cheryl, to other family members, to friends and to anyone else who is important to me. (If you are reading this posting or our paths have crossed in some other way, you are important to me!!)

Put another way, you all are a part of what I call the Supporting Cast. I am more grateful than you will ever know each of you is in my life. Each of you is a blessing/gift from God. You hold me accountable to the high bar and standards set for me long before I understood how important they are.

To all of you who now or have ever supported me in accomplishing the difficult/working through the challenges of that thing called “Life”, I say two things:

1) Thank you.
2) Keep doing what you’re doing.

Finally, if there is a preson(s) in your life you are blessed to have as a member of your Supporting Cast take time to tell them how grateful you are and say “Thank you.”

Thanks to all of you for being who you are. I am very GRATEFUL!! More to come soon… Yeah, baby!!



Time To Get Back At This!!

After a  L O N G, L O N G hiatus that among other things has included relocating from the Winter Garden/Orlando, Florida area to Southern California, it’s time to get back at this even if I post only once a week or so.   For those who may be wondering, yes, I am still running.  No, I have not run a marathon recently.  I have run several shorter distance events.  Most recently I participated in the San Jacinto Run United 5K April, 26.  It was not easy on a cold morning.  But, as always, it was great just being out there.  Members of the San Jacinto Explorers came along side as I neared the finish and made sure I got through the chute.  Thanks to you all for your service to the community and for making sure I finished what I started.  The San Jacinto Police Department posted a picture of the finish on their Facebook page if you want to thave a look.  Will let you know when I’ll be entered in other events.


I am also continuing to do motivational talks/presentations to civic, not-for-profit, community based organizations and companies when presented with the opportunity.  The most recent presentation was to the Hemet Sunset Rotary.  Like running, this is one of the things I love doing most.  As those who know me well are aware, there is nothing I enjoy doing more than “Paying It Forward”; assisting others, in any way I can, as they work through their own challenges from that thing called “Life”.  So if someone needs a speaker or I can help in any other way, please ask.  As we all know, accomplishing the difficult is DIFFICULT!!  Life is not a sprint-It’s a marathon!!


Folks have told me they miss my postings/updates.  Well, if that’s the case, I’m back!!   Plase don’t let this be a one-way communication.  Would love to hear from you as I begin posting on a more regular basis again. 


Will keep this posting brief and end it by telling you Cheryl and I miss the family and friends we left in Florida.  Leaving those care about is never easy.  But we are loving getting settled in Southern California, getting acquainted with the area, meeting new people and the adventures we are having.


Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend wherever it may take you.


Back at you soon.  Yeah baby!!