Thank You

Thank you to all the great people Cheryl and I met on our cruise to Hawaii and the South Pacific.  What a great experience you made 28 days at sea for us both.


Thanks to our fellow passengers for the opportunity to share “From Three Pounds To Threepeat; My Journey To The New York City Marathon” as part of the ms Statendam Public Forum.  Your support and encouragement to continue sharing the message means more than you will ever know.  Your message of, “Keep Doing what you’re doing.” touched my heart and will keep me going forward forever.  Who knows how many more opportunities to do just that may be ahead as a result of the time we all had together.


Lastly, thank you to those of you who gave me a “hand up” to the top of the waterfall in Tahiti.  I certainly could not have made it without you.  You once, again, reminded me of how much we need one another when accomplishing the difficult.  It truly is okay to ask for help!!


I hope you will stay in touch and our paths cross again soon.  In the meantime, keep gaining forward momentum.  And be sure to keep the spirit of “Yeah, Baby” that is now a part of us all alive and well.


Yeah, Baby!!