It’s Been A Challenging Week

It has been a challenging week to say the least.  During my long run on Saturday morning, I begin to experience back spasms very early during the workout.  After eating and resting, I felt well enough to complete another workout on Sunday morning. I completed approximately 4 miles.  Unfortunately, the back spasms returned Sunday afternoon.  Those of you who follow my postings know my training is monitored very closely by Dr. Robert Weatherwax.  He and his staff have been working very hard, all week, to calm the spasms minimize the pain and keep me up right.  Following a couple of days of treatment and rest, I went out for an hour this morning.  It’s clear I/we will need to watch my mechanics very closely as workout time increases.  We think the spasms came about as a result of a tenancy I have to pull my left arm across my body causing my left hip to rotate.  We can all experience mechanical breakdown when we get tired.  I will need to be very aware of this in the days ahead.

Cheryl and I are very excited about this weekend. We go to Plains, Georgia for the Plains Peanut Festival and 5 K.  Hopefully we will have an opportunity to visit with former president Carter.  We are being joined by the Calloway’s for this weekend road trip and looking forward to their company. 

I ask that those who read this posting pray for Dr. Weatherwax his family and friends.  We learned earlier this week his father is gravely ill.  I’ve never had an opportunity to meet Dr. Weatherwax’s  father.  But it has been my pleasure to know the person I call my friend, mentor, trainer and health care provider for almost 10 years.  That’s enough to tell me his father is a great man.  Show me who you hang around and I will show you who you are or will become.

We are now less than 8 weeks away from marathon Sunday.  Just as I ask for prayers for Dr. Weatherwax, those who know and love him, I too, ask for your continued prayers and support.

One final note…I prepared most of this posting taking advantage of the voice recognition software in my new smart phone.  I have finally joined the 21st century!!  I have a lot to learn.  But what I was able to do by voice was much quicker and easier.  Hopefully what’s written here didn’t turn out too badly for a first try.  Yeah, baby!!   


Whatever It Takes

Last weekend’s workout was very successful. 6 hours/13.55 miles. Was fortunate to have the company of “Clarence The Turtle” for the last three hours. The goal of the workout was to introduce my body/bring back memories of what it feels li

ke to be on my feet for 5 to 6 hours. Guess what? Even though I had not spent this much time up and moving since preparing for NYC in 2010, my body and I have not forgotten!! Even though lots of time had passed, your body and your head don’t forget!! I really think the workout helped prepare my head as much or more than my body.

Have been asked how does one prepare for such a long workout? The preparation actually began with stretching/getting everything to move at 11:30 p m FRIDAY EVENING. It was then out to Clermont, out and moving by 1:30 a m SATURDAY MORNING. Let me quickly answer a second question. NO!! I DO NOT LIKE HAVING TO BE OUT TRAINING AT 1:30 a m!! But being successful in NYC is all about the preparation. It will be a long day on marathon Sunday. And summertime training, in Florida, is HOT!! No kidding, right? All this means you do whatever it takes to make the difficult easier. Even if that means beating the daytime heating by being up, out and moving by 1:30 a m on a Saturday morning!! Whatever it takes to get to Central Park!!

The same can be said about , “Why go to Clermont?” The short answer is it’s all about getting up-and-over five bridges that will be a part of the route to Central Park. Clermont offers the closest thing to bridges/hills Central Florida can offer. So up-and-down, up-and-over we go. Whatever it takes to get to Central Park!!

How is the body doing after 6 hours/13.55 miles? You can’t be out there for six hours and not feel something. Six hours on your feet is not a day at the beach. My body was sore. Sunday was a quiet off-day. The stretching routine was as ambitious as I got. (By the way, thanks for all the help, Cheryl. Could not have done it without you.) Cheryl and I had dinner with friends Sunday evening. We got out and ran errands on Labor Day. I took a slow 40 minute stroll in the afternoon. It wasn’t easy. The body was not happy about my trying to stand up after sitting. But it was important to get up, stand up and keep moving. The old saying, “A body in motion stays in motion.” really applies here. Whatever it takes to get to Central Park!!

This morning, it’s off to visit Fearless Leader, AKA, Dr. Weatherwax, for treatment/follow up and to find out the plan for the weekend. I’m so thankful for his patience, guidance and reassurance. Have no idea what he will have in mind. But like last weekend, this weekend and the days ahead will be driven by, Whatever it takes to get to Central Park!! Yeah, baby!!