Weekend Training Plan

Looking like the weekend training plan will include a six hour stroll. Whatever it takes to get to Central Park. Yeah, baby!!


Tuesday August, 28; Got R Done

Mile repeats over and done. Last one was a bit slow. But I’m still pleased with the results.  Got in a good workout and with the high humidity, possibly a shower at the same time.  Nothing like multi-tasking!! And thank you, Warrendini for coming and hanging out with me at 5 a m.  Was a nice surprise. Yeah, baby!!

Tuesday August, 28; The Workout Begins

Not sleeping. So going to warm up and head to the Trail for some mile repeats. At least I’ll have it all in before it gets hot. Yeah, baby!!

Accomplishing The Difficult

A long day’s workout preparing for the marathon has now reached just over 5 hours of total time. Not easy. But a MUST DO if accomplishing the difficult is to be made easier. Yeah, baby!!

The Final Weeks

It’s looking like Robert Weatherwax…AKA…Fearless Leader…will be incorporating a series of weekend two-a-days in to the final weeks of marathon training. It won’t be easy. But bring it on!! Whatever it takes to be well prepared!! 73 days until a whole bunch of us line up and head toward Central Park. Can’t wait to get there. Yeah, baby!!

Marathon Update…

Thank you, Russell and Achilles International. With the early start on marathon Sunday, all I need to do is MY PART…Keep training, line up on the bridge and Git R Done, all the way to Central Park. So looking forward to November, 4. Yeah, baby!!