November, 20 2011

Good Morning…


There are many things I could have written about/shared since I last posted in September. 


Cheryl and I had a wonderful time “running for peanuts” in Plains, GA September, 24.  Cheryl completed her first 5K and was honored by the citizens of Plains and race organizer, Jan Williams, with her first race award.  Is she interested in participating in running and walking events regularly as a result of this experience?  Nope.  She’s still not convinced this is a good way to have fun.  But she is ready to return next year for another photo opp with Jan, the 39th president, Mrs. Carter and, of course, “Fresh peanuts.”


As always, Jan and all the folks in Plains were wonderful to me.  And I completed the race in under an hour; 58:16.  I’ve always had a wonderful time in Plains.  Can’t wait to return next year.  Hopefully others will join us.  It’s worth the trip.


Have participated in five other 5K’s since Plains.  I received age group awards in three of them.  I even WON the age group at the Oakland Park 5K.  There’s a lesson here; you never know what can happen if you give yourself the opportunity to simply show up.


There have been a series of other good things over the past few weeks.  Congratulations are in order to several partners-in-crime:


To Warrendini for completing the New York City Marathon.  Thanks for running the miles for both of us.


To Noelle for completing your first 10K.  Thanks for coming out to hang with me after you finished your 6.2 miles of fun while I completed the 5K.  It was an unconventional way to get it done.  But you ended the day completing 15K; the most distance you have ever done.  I know you were in pain when you went back out there with me.  I’m proud of you.


To Mari for completing your first 5K.  I know you didn’t think you could do it.  But you did.  When are we going back out there?


To Kristina for completing your first 5K.  You said you had fun.  You said you want to do more of them.  When will you be back out there?


To Chuck.  Glad we are out strolling 2-3 times a week.  You didn’t think you coulddo it either.  You are helping me more than you know.


Thanks also to the Dudette to coming out and doing some miles with me on New York Marathon Sunday.  It was a tough week for me knowing I wasn’t going to be standing on the bridge heading toward Central Park.  But I’m thankful we were able to spend time outside moving and celebrate that I was standing up.


That catches everything up, for the most part, save one last thing.  I’m celebrating this morning.  For the first time, since January, I am up, out of bed, moving and beginning the day  PAIN FREE!!  There is some leg/low back stiffness/tightness.  But there is NO PAIN!!  Lots of us wake up needing some W-D 40 to get things moving, right?  I can handle a lot of that as long as there is NO PAIN!! 


What a great way to begin Thanksgiving week!!  Yeah, baby!!