Yesterday’s 5K

The short version of the story is Got R Done!!  Have no idea how long it took.  I would guesstimate around an hour 15 minutes.  The legs weren’t interested in kicking it into high gear.  I was slow but steady.  And most importantly, able to finish.


Getting back out there was a long time coming.  And it felt so good!!  Thank you David, Lisa, Ryan, Shannon and president of the fan club, Cheryl, for coming out and hanging out with me on the course.   Sorry Ryan and Cheryl weren’t able to find anything of interest at their garage sale pit stop.


Post-race (Sunday)…It took a while to get the WD 40 to kick in and get all the parts moving this morning.  But I’m feeling good, all things considered.  Looking forward to being part of the 5K in Saturday’s Puzzle Run.  Come on out and join me and my partners-in-crime.  Like I said, it feels so good to be back out there…moving forward.  Yeah, baby!!



This Weekend’s Race

For those of you who may have missed the memos, I’ll be returning to the race circuit tomorrow morning.  If you live in or around the Winter Garden area, come join me for the Get Moving West Orange/Health Central 5K Challenge.  Walk it.  Run it.  Crawl it.  Just get out there and get moving.


Tomorrow’s event will be my first time on a marked course since December.  It’s likely going to be a slow go since the injury continues to nag.  But I can’t wait to get back out there.


Here are all the details:


Get Moving West Orange/Health Central 5K Challenge

Roper YMCA Family Center

100 Windermere Road

Winter Garden, FL

7;30 am Check in.  8:30 5K start

9:15 am Kids’s Triathlon


If you can’t make it to the Y to register today, come at 7:30 in the morning.  There will be people waiting and more than happy to sign you up.  And you can’t beat the price.  FREE to Y members.  $10 for non-members.  All monies received benefit the Y Scholarship Fund.  So the day is for a great cause.  With an 8:30 start, you can even sleep in a bit.


Cheryl and I plan on continuing the fun, post-race, at Mimi’s Daniels Road location with breakfast.  Come join us even if you don’t plan on doing the 5K.


Will let you know how things go and post a reminder about the September, 3 Puzzle Run 5K/10K in the next few days.


Tomorrow is going to be a great day.  Some of my closest friends and I are going to be “Playing in the streets”.  Yeah, baby!!

2011 New York City Marathon

For those of you who have been wondering how my recovery from injury and improving ability to perform day-to-day activities is effecting training for this year’s New York City Marathon, I have news to share.  Today, Dr. Weatherwax and I both concluded while recovery is going well, it would not be wise to take my body to the level of preparation needed to safely and comfortably complete the marathon this year.


So what does not participating in this year’s NYC Marathon mean for life going forward?  First of all, let me say I wish I was going to be running this year’s marathon.  That’s the athlete/competitor in me.  I want to be out there!!  But I’m also thankful for the progress we’ve made.  For those who have followed my blogs or stayed in touch by other means, you know I have had injuries like the one I’m recovering from now.  You also know it’s not easy to get me up and moving again.  But with time and patience, it does happen.  More time.  Lots of patience.  I need BOTH right now.  That means treatment continues.  That means I’m outside and moving every day as best I can.


Life will go on.  I’m a goal driven person.  I’ll continue to be out there.  Goals will be redirected.  If you know me at all, you know I love “Playing in the streets”.  There will be other events, including the 5K’s I will be doing the next two weekends.  This will be a good start.  But I know I’m going to want more.  Who knows.  God willing, I may be able to return to the streets of NYC in 2012.  The folks at Achilles International have said I can come back next year if I choose.  I will certainly use the days ahead to make me and my body the best they can be.  Perhaps there will even be ways I can help others to do the same.


Even though there has been a change in course, the journey will continue.  And I’ll continue to share it with you.  So keep checking in.  Come join me for a stroll, bike ride, core/strength/balance workout or upcoming race.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.   I’ll still be here, moving forward.  Yeah, baby!!



The Pace Quickens

Was out for a two-a-day workout.  And I liked it!!  Did a ten-mile bike with my friend, Paul, and Cheryl this morning.  That was followed by 50 minutes of playing in the street, a combination of walk/run.  Fearless Leader (Dr. Weatherwax) asked that I get myself outside and moving, again, following treatment.  Wasn’t fun getting started.  Had to get settled in due to pain down the left leg and in the left hip.  But the pain diminished as I moved along.  And the finish was strong.  That’s the most important thing.  There are a few post-activity aches and pains.  But, overall, I’m feeling great this afternoon.  Think I’ll try another two-a-day tomorrow.  It’s time to begin challenging the body and rebuild the training/workout base.  I like that idea.  Time to hit the shower.  Cheryl says I stink.  I like that too.  Yeah, baby!!

Picking Up The Pace

I know.  It’s been a long time since my last posting.  My apologies to those of you who have been checking in on a regular basis.


A quick update…Progress is being made.  I’ve been out doing a combination of walking and jogging for the past several weeks.  Am now conquering 3 miles at a time 2-3 times a week.  It’s not easy or pretty sometimes.  But I’m thankful to be back out there getting it done.  I am in the Roper Y Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s to continue building core strength and improved balance.  Kristina, Marc, John and Paul are not bashful about challenging me.  And that’s just the way I like it.  Was even out with Paul for a bike ride last Friday.  I went about 10 miles before turning around to go see Dr. Weatherwax.  This was the first time on the bike since January.  I’m looking forward to more of this.  Thanks, Paul.


Speaking of Dr. Weatherwax, (Fearless Leader), he continues doing all he can to get me better.  He’s always there to give me care and talk me through the up’s/down’s/frustrations of the recovery process.  As always, I thank him for never giving up on me or allowing the physical challenge to get the best of me.  As he reminds me, “I know where you live.”  LOL.


Was even at the beach a couple of weeks ago.  The day’s highlight was sharing the joy and smiles of a friend, who has M S.  She had not had her feet in the sand or water for over 10 years.  Wasn’t easy for her.  But she did it.  Where there’s a will there’s a way.  Can’t wait to do this one again.


The following week included a day at Universal Studios.  I pushed a wheelchair part of the time to make moving around easier.  But once again, it was about being up, out and moving.  Cheryl and I will be doing this one again too.  We’re going to get all the use out of annual passes we can.


One last thing.  Will be returning to the race circuit for the first time since early December Saturday August, 27.  Will be participating in the Get Moving West Orange/Health Central 5K Challenge.  It starts at 8:30 a m.  It’s at the Roper YMCA in Winter Garden.  You can’t beat the price.  It’s FREE to Y members and only $10 for non-members.  Run it.  Walk it.  Crawl it.  I challenge you to join in.  The fun and celebration will continue with breakfast for anyone who wants to join after the 5K.


That’s enough for now.  As you can see, the pace has picked up considerably.  There will be more to share soon.  Promise.  Yeah, baby!!