Big News!!

It’s a big news morning for me.  Following yesterday’s core/strength/balance workout I finished up by walking around a bit before heading to the car to drive home.  Keep moving has been a part of the routine for the past several weeks.  It’s not easy sometimes.  It’s start, stop, start, stop until pain running down the left hip, quad, knee, shin, quiet down.  It’s often times necessary to stop and take a breath while all of this is going on.  That’s right.  Strange as it may sound, it can be very difficult for me to breathe while all of this is going on and always adds a few more start/stops.


So what makes yesterday a big news day?  After getting settled in, I was not only able to walk comfortably, I even JOGGED a few steps!!  For those of you who have been through this with me before, don’t worry.  I jogged only a few steps.  Likely less than two minutes of the entire time I was walking.  I allowed myself to jog no more than 6-8 steps at a time.  No need to get crazy.  There is a lot of work to do yet.


I’m sore this morning.  It will take a while to get everything moving.  But this morning’s coffee is going to taste real good.  Yeah, baby!!


Getting Closer

It was a great Memorial Day weekend.  After Illinois’ partners-in-crime Larry and Bev arrived on Sunday, it was off to the home of 2010 NYC Marathon guide, Warrendini, to celebrate a life milestone of his daughter-graduation from the eighth grade.  She will be starting her high school journey this summer.  It was good to see Warren, his wife, Lee and daughter, Georgia.  Work schedules and life mean we don’t get to see nearly enough of them.


Cheryl and I had a great time with Larry and Bev while they were here.  It’s been much too quiet around here since they left Wednesday afternoon.


Also had an opportunity to have lunch with Pastor Scott from the Next Community Church on Friday.  I’m always smiling and uplifted after spending time with him.  Our thought patterns and sense of humor tend to travel down the same paths.  Not to worry, Scott.  We’ll leave it to those who know us to figure out what all this means.


The week brought the usual visits for treatment and encouragement with Dr. Weatherwax.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday brought core/strength/balance workouts at the Y.  Everyone working with me feels I’m getting closer to standing tall consistently.  It certainly has that feel.  Workouts continue to become more aggressive.  Let me share a few examples.  More weight has been added to standing pull down’s and row’s.  And we are now doing three sets each of these exercises  I’m also doing 100 squats at a time while standing up.  Off an exercise ball, I holding lat and pec stretches for five minutes at a time.  Y trainers’ Kristina, John and Marc are pushing me hard.  And I like it!!  I’m consistently leaving our sessions with more energy and in less pain than I walked in.


My week was also made better after seeing a friend, who has M S, stand taller and move more freely after trying the trekking poles.  It will take her time to get accustomed to them.  But she now has her own.  So she’ll be able to practice as often as she likes.  I look forward to watching her improve.


And this weekend, Doc has asked that I try to walk more.  He’s not asking for long periods on my feet yet.  The goal is to reinforce the pattern of walking with good form 2-3 times a day.  I was really pleased yesterday following the core/strength/balance workout with Kristina.  Completed a 22 minute walk, holding form and without using the trekking poles.


The second try was not as easy.  I was sore from the morning’s activity.  Didn’t use the poles to stand up and hold form.  But I had a helper.  Knowing I wanted to get a few things from Publix, I planned the second stroll around walking up and down the grocery aisles.  My helper?  The grocery cart, of course.  This walk lasted about 15 minutes.  And I was able to bring home lunch in the process.  Can’t ask for a better reward than that.


So does all that was done yesterday mean today brings a day of rest?  Oh, no!!  Doc wants me to spend time on my feet today, holding good form, with or without the poles.  So I’ll be off to the Y shortly to stretch, warm up and walk.  I know getting started likely won’t be easy.  But that’s the way it is for me.  I need to get up and keep moving.  And that’s often the most difficult thing for me to do. (And I know I’m not alone when it comes to things like this.  We all have our battles, right?)  But I am feeling better.  That means everything we’re doing is working.  So I’ll deal with the pain and do whatever it takes to keep moving forward.  I just want to be back up standing and moving on my own two feet.  Yeah, baby!!