Trekking Poles Are Here!!

The trekking poles just arrived.  Have made preliminary adjustments and tried them out.   Don’t know if they are exactly right.  So will have someone who is more familiar have a look.  The first attempt to use them was not easy.  I’m not surprised.  Not only am I using tools with which I am unfamiliar, I’m also learning to walk again.  Putting the two together will take time.  I’m just glad the new “toys” are here so I can begin playing and learning.  Will let you know how I am doing as we go along.

Time to get out the door.  The Y awaits.  I know John can’t wait to work me over in the gym.  Bring it on.  Can’t wait.  Yeah, baby!!


A Quiet Day

Wednesday.  That means time with Dr. Weatherwax for treatment.  Wasn’t easy to get up and get moving this morning.  Dr. Weatherwax said that’s because of the good, hard, workout I did at the Y yesterday afternoon.

Cheryl and I took some time after seeing Doc to stop and say hello to our friends Pam and John at Footwear By Design.  Like Doc, they are also in Longwood.  They build my orthotics and make sure I stay in the right shoes.  Also like Doc, they have been caring for me for a long time.  And like Doc and so many others who are part of my Supporting Cast, they watch what’s happening to me closely.  They have seen the struggles.  They have seen me at my best.  I had not seen them since being injured in January.  I know it was not easy for them to see me struggling all over again.  They asked that I take all the time I need to heal.  I promised them I will.  And I make the same promise to all of you who are reading this.  Thank you for caring so much.  I know you only want the best for me.

Not much happened on the workout wise today.  One would have to call it a quiet day from that standpoint.  But there was a lot sitting while visiting and driving.  That’s all cumulative and tough on my body right now.  Extended periods of sitting are not my friend.  I’m not saying all of this as a complaint.  I’m thankful to, again, be feeling well enough to be out and enjoying time with family and friends.  Cheryl and others who know me well know I’m the most unhappy when I’m not able to be out spending time with those I love and care about.  I’m able to do more of this day by day, week by week.  And I am confident this will continue to improve as I continue to heal and get stronger.

Cheryl and I went to lunch and picked up her car from the repair shop on the way home.  All of this adds up to a good day.

 We’ll rest tonight and be in the pool for a workout in the morning.  That will be a great way to start the day.  Yeah, baby!!

The Most Important Things To Know Today Are:

I had the best core/strength workout in over three months today.  Can’t wait to get back in the gym on Friday.  Thanks, John.

The check may not be in the mail but the foundation flyer is in this weekend’s Winter Garden 5K race packet.

That’s all for today.  Hope you’ll come back tomorrow.  Maybe the trekking poles will arrive.   Yeah, baby!!

Monday April, 25 2011

Following a great Easter Sunday with family and friends, (I was also feeling well enough to attend church with Cheryl for the first time since January, 9.) it’s been what I would call the normal Monday routine.  Saw Dr. Weatherwax for treatment this morning.  Shared with him the trekking poles are on order.  We are both anxious for them to arrive feeling confident they will be beneficial in retraining my body to move/muscles to fire in the correct sequence as the process of learning to walk, again, continues.   Bet they will allow me to walk, hold correct form and posture for longer periods of time until core and upper body strength are restored.

For those of you who will be participating in the April, 30 Winter Garden 5K, an information sheet about the foundation will be included in your packet.  Hope you will take a moment to read it. 

While I will not be well enough to run or walk with you this weekend, I certainly plan to be there to support and cheer you on.  I have not felt well enough to attend a race for several weeks.  Just being with you will be an important part of healing and recovery. 

Hope everyone has had a great Monday.  Will let you know when the trekking poles arrive.  Can’t wait to try them out.  Yeah, baby!!

Today’s Workout

Besides strength training, today’s workout included drills to retrain the arms and legs to move and fire correctly as I walk.  Sounds simple.  But I had never experienced this until about ten years ago. When my back goes bad, I have to begin at square one.  I have to think about every movement.  It’s learning to walk all over again. Thanks, Marc, for your help and patience.  It’s going to be a great feeling when we get there again.

I also ordered trekking poles this morning.  I am confident the poles will be a great training tool as we retrain the body to move and fire in the correct sequence.  I used forearm crutches for the same purpose when experiencing pain and challenges with my back about ten years ago.  The difference between using the trekking poles and crutches is we should be able to make my body stand taller as I improve the gait pattern.  Can’t wait for them to get here so I can try it. 

There’s still a lot of work to do.  But bring it on.  Every day the body is now functioning a little better.  And all the time will be well worth it to make me the best I can be.  Yeah, baby!!   

Easter blessings to everyone.

Good Friday

Today’s blog will be as brief as my day.  Following a long day that included lots of walking, today included a visit and treatment with Dr. Weatherwax and lots of Be Kind To The Body Time.  He’s doing lots of work on the upper body right now in order to make the arms and shoulders move more freely.  The short explanation is as the upper body moves more freely, the lower body will follow.  Pain is reduced.  You know.  The hip bone connected to the leg bone.  The foot bone connected to the ankle bone, etc. 

An afternoon nap was not built into the plan.  But that’s exactly what happened after lunch.  Am just now waking up.  Although not planned, that’s okay.  If that’s what the body needed today, that’s what the body gets.

Just finished looking at trekking poles on a few websites.  That’s likely to be the next training tool to be added.  Have never used them before.  So I’m looking forward to trying them out.

Not much else is likely to get done today.  But the body has gotten three important things it needed to keep getting better.  Treatment.  Nourishment.  Rest.  It has been a Good Friday.  Yeah, baby!!

YMCA Celebration Of Prayer Breakfast

If you read yesterday’s post, you know Cheryl and I had the honor and privilege of attending this morning’s Central Florida YMCA Celebration Of Prayer breakfast.  It began at 7 a m.  When I’m feeling good and the body is working well, I only need about 30 minutes to be up and out the door.  But the body needs extra time right now.  So it was up and in the shower by 4:15 in order to be out the door by 6.  It had the feeling of a marathon long stroll day.  You may recall when I was training last summer, there were many mornings I got up between 1-2 a m to get in a 4-5 hour training stroll before the daytime heat set in.

I have to tell you as excited as I was to be going to the breakfast, I wasn’t excited about the amount of effort it was going to take to get there.  It’s hard to get moving right now, especially in the early part of the day or late at night.  It’s painful.  I feel very uneasy on my feet.  I wasn’t sure how much walking would be required to get in and out of the First Baptist Church Of Orlando.  Maybe the simple and honest way to say it is I was fearful of my ability to do all that would be required to get there and get home.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, was the breakfast’s keynote speaker.  She had many inspiring and insightful things to say.  But one of the things she pointed out that hit me right where I live was, “Doing good isn’t easy.” 

Today, I can take her thought several steps further.  For me, doing the right thing wasn’t easy.  But I’m glad I did.  Getting to the breakfast stretched my comfort zone.  The end result will be finishing the day walking more unassisted steps than in the last three months combined.  And Cheryl and I got to meet Ms Kennedy Townsend after breakfast.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend has faced many challenges, tragedies and crises I find hard to imagine or comprehend.  But through it all, she keeps going.  She keeps giving.  She keeps Sharing her faith.  How appropriate it is during this Holy Week God placed her in my path.   May I have the same kind of faith and courage to keep going even when I am fearful or think I can’t.